The 12th edition is out!
Aaron James Cole’s legendary Get Lost! guide is back with a completely revised and updated edition, leading travellers to the cheapest, freshest and most authentic Amsterdam locales. Up to date, practical, amusing and fanatically researched, our goal is to clue you in on the real Amsterdam, whatever your scene.

Find everything you need to know about:
  • where to sleep
  • cheap organic eats
  • vegetarian restaurants
  • underground parties
  • sex, squats, shopping
  • fair trade cannabis
  • alternative museums
  • music, mind altering herbs
  • bars, cinema
  • tattoos and body modification
  • hip art galleries
  • info for kids with cool parents
  • politics, pirate radio
  • bicycles, boats
  • Amsterdam's Disc Golf scene
  • wireless hotspots and more

Printed using vegetable dyes on 100% post-consumer recycled paper.

"There are guidebooks and there are guidebooks...
and then there’s Get Lost!" - The Toronto Star

"... great money saving tips and insightful cultural info...
extremely user-friendly" - High Times Magazine

For their support of Get Lost! this year we'd like to thank DNA Genetics (page 68), Derma Donna Custom Tattoos (page 81), Hemp Works (page 69), Kokopelli (page 84), Mike’s Bike Tours (page 16) and The Headshop (page 85).

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